Years of Success

SmartBracket™ has delivered a strong track record in the past 8 tournaments.
We keep track of the SmartBracket™ results and share them below!


In 2023, the SmartBracket™ 3-question Midwest themed bracket came in strong last year again at 88.4% on ESPN's Tournament Challenge at the end of the tournament.


In 2022, the SmartBracket™ 3-question bracket again came in strong! Depending on the tilt (local or national favorites), SmartBracket™ came in between 84-86% at the final ESPN Tournament Challenge!


For 2021, we had another 3-question bracket that clocked in at the 87th percentile on ESPN’s Tournament challenge! Meanwhile the ESPN Fan Recommendations only clocked in at 21st percentile.


For 2019, SmartBracket™’s 3-question bracket had another stellar performance, at the 91st percentile on ESPN’s Tournament challenge!

For 2020, SmartBracket™’s interface went through a significant update. However, the tournament cancellation meant it couldn’t be put to use in the tournament. However, we were able to apply all the work to the 2021 tournament!


SmartBracket™’s One-Click Bracket finished in the 96th percentile

Over 43% of survey responders reported finishing third or better in their pools.


SmartBracket™’s example 3-question bracket was perfect after day 1; ranked in the 98.5th percentile in the finals, picking both finalists; and finished the tournament in the 88.4th percentile

SmartBracket™ was listed in the leading business publication in America as one of the Best Ways To Win Your NCAA Tournament Office Pool for the second year running.


60% of SmartBracket™ survey respondents reported finishing third or better in their pools in 2016, while more than 35% won their pool

The national SmartBracket™ finished in the 95th percentile in both the Yahoo! and ESPN bracket competitions in 2016, 95th percentile in both the Yahoo! and ESPN bracket competitions in 2016, ahead of more than 12 million other brackets

The leading business publication in America named SmartBracket™ as the Best Way to Pick a Winning Tournament Bracket!


Won two out of three

Ranked in the 99th percentile after the round of 64, and above the 75th percentile in every round before the Final Four.

SmartBracket™ is built on the Rapid Recursive Toolbox

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SmartBracket™ works by capitalizing on opportunities to get relative points, which arise when teams are over- or undervalued. The secret is—there is a difference between how good a team actually is, and how good your friends think they are—and we take advantage of that difference!

SmartBracket™ evaluates opportunities for relative points in all 9 possible brackets (in less than a second!), to make selections that give your bracket highest chance of success.

SmartBracket™ is powered by Rapid Recursive, which consists of patented and patent-pending technology.

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The Rapid Recursive® Toolbox is protected by US patents 9,798,700; 10,460,249; and 10,546,248; Japanese patent JP6284472; and Korean patent 10-2082522. There are also multiple patents applications pending in the United States and other countries, including patent applications filed under the PCT.

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