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  • The national SmartBracket finished in the 95th percentile in both the Yahoo! and ESPN bracket competitions in 2016, ahead of more than 12 million other brackets
  • 60% of SmartBracket survey respondents reported finishing third or better in their pool(s) in 2016, while more than 35% won their pool
  • The 2017 SmartBracket Mobile App is available for iPhone and Android. Download now on the App Store and on Google Play.
  • The first 1,000 Web Registrations will be free for the 2017 NCAA Tournament! Sign up now while free registrations are still available

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What is SmartBracket™?

SmartBracket is a web app designed to help users fill out brackets during the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

The SmartBracket strategy is simple: get more points! Specifically, get more points relative to other brackets in your pool. You get relative points when you pick the correct team and the other brackets in your pool don't.

SmartBracket works by finding and capitalizing on opportunities to get relative points, which arise when teams are over- or undervalued. The secret is that there is a difference between how good a team actually is, and how good your friends think they are, and we can take advantage of that difference!

SmartBracket uses technology to evaluate the opportunities for relative points in all 9 quintillion possible brackets (in less than a second!), and picks that bracket with the largest opportunity for success. Now that's smart!

Lead Developer Neal Anderson introduces SmartBracket™

About the Method

How it Works

SmartBracket in the News

Best Ways to Pick a Winning NCAA Tournament Bracket

If your goal is to win your pool – and why wouldn’t it be – then SmartBracket is the tool for you.

“By design, SmartBracket doesn’t go for a perfect bracket. What it does is hedge the user’s bet to produce a series of incremental advantages over others in their pool,” said Neal Anderson, Lead Developer at Supported Intelligence, SmartBracket’s parent.

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Michigan Startup's March Madness Web App Fabulously Successful

EAST LANSING – Supported Intelligence LLC offered the SmartBracket web app for the first time this past March for the NCAA College Basketball championship. SmartBracket’s national bracket scored in the Ninety-fifith percentile in both ESPN and Yahoo’s bracket contests – ahead of 12 million brackets on ESPN and 516,000 brackets on Yahoo.

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SmartBracket™ 2015



From WLNS Lansing

EAST LANSING, MI (WLNS) – An East Lansing software company that mainly works with enhancing retail and hospitality marketing is using their software in a different way this March Madness.

6 News Nick Perreault introduces us to the company and their truly smart bracket idea.

“We saw this as a really good opportunity to catch a lot of people interested in March Madness and kind of show off the power of our methods.”

When it comes to winning something as complicated as a March Madness bracket, Supported Intelligence vice president Jeff Johnson and product developer Neal Anderson are taking a careful look at the numbers.

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Who Makes SmartBracket?

SmartBracket is a product of Supported Intelligence, LLC. Supported Intelligence provides analytical software and services based on the breakthrough Rapid Recursive® method for solving sequential decision problems. We offer a flexible software package for advanced users, as well as customized solutions and data analytics services for businesses in a variety of industries. Please visit our website to learn more:

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